The Frozen Ark

F33A09F6-81B9-43AF-A1A2-CD37E6BE1337The Frozen Ark Project is a global initiative to save the DNA and viable cells of the world’s endangered species. The Frozen Ark is one of the many organisations that are working hard to halt the loss of biodiversity, by ensuring that all biological material that has been collected from endangered animal species is properly curated, and used responsibly and sustainably in conservation management and research.

Pretty Sciences has been collaborating with The Frozen Ark Project. We design, develop, and produce visual content for their website and social media, and help to raise the profile of The Frozen Ark and engagement with our audiences. Here are some of the works we produced for the amazing organisation.


Infographic illustrations explaining the Frozen Ark goals: 1) Sampling of cells and DNA of endangered animals; 2) Biobanking – storage of samples using cryo technology; 3) Creation of a global database/library, linking biobanks worldwide; 4) Information in the database may be used in many ways.


Illustrations like these can be used in different media, depending on the target audience.

Basic RGBBasic RGB

Leaflet for an academic target audience, to be handed out at seminars, symposiums, or conferences.


The collaboration with the Frozen Ark is ongoing, and there are many works in the progress. More updated materials will be featured here soon. In the meantime, visit the Frozen Ark Ark and see the amazing work they have been doing.


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